01 April 2012

The Middle School Plunge

More research about The Middle School Plunge reveals:

"Our results cast serious doubt on the wisdom of the middle-school experiment that has become such a prominent feature of American education."

"entering a middle school causes a sharp drop in student achievement relative to the performance of those remaining in K–8 schools"

"After three years in a middle school, students who entered in 6th grade score 0.23 standard deviations in math and 0.14 standard deviations in reading worse than we would have expected had they attended a K–8 school."
We would be better off getting rid of middle schools and jr. highs. They are the worst time of a student's schooling.

27 January 2012

Students at Small High Schools Are More Likely to Graduate

 A new study published in the New York Times shows the value of smaller schools - about 100 students per grade - in big city settings.  They found that these schools had a higher graduation rate.  "The higher graduation rate at small schools held across the board for all students, regardless of race, family income...."
Students in these schools are also more ready for college.  "Small-school students also showed more evidence of college readiness...."