30 May 2013

Videos interviewing David Cox during the campaign to divide Utah's largest school district in 2007

The following 6 videos were made to highlight the history, reasoning, progress, and issues of dividing large school districts during the 2007 campaign to divide Utah's largest school district at that time, Jordan S.D.

#1 of 6 How I came to realize the principle of dividing as the solution.
#2 of 6 The history of Utah legislation for dividing school districts.
#3 of 6 Why dividing large school districts is a better answer than vouchers.
#4 of 6 Many of the problems in education are because of large schools caused by large districts.
#5 of 6 This video deals with some finance issues of dividing large school districts.
#6 of 6 My advice to educators regarding dividing large school districts.

28 May 2013

California 2011 study of their smaller school districts

California published a study on whether to consolidate its smaller school districts it did in 2011. It looked at costs and benefits. There were some interesting findings.

  1. They found among other things that medium-sized districts did better in student performance than the large or very small sized districts.
  2. While very small districts cost much more, districts of over 1000 students were considered as economical as large districts.
  3. Most communities preferred their own school district and did not want to consolidate.
  4. They determined that there would not be substantial savings financially for consolidating nor would there be improvements in student performances.
  5. In the end, they recommended not forcing consolidation, but rather to eliminate disincentives for consolidating for districts under 100 students (which I agree with).

This video is almost 10 minutes long, concise, and worth watching.

18 May 2013

Schools are better governed locally

"If it is believed that... elementary schools will be better managed by the governor and council, the commissioners of the literary fund or any other general authority of the government than by the parents within each ward, it is a belief against all experience. Try the principle one step further, and... commit to the governor and council the management of all our farms, our mills and merchants' stores. No, my friend, the way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to." --Thomas Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1816. ME 14:420