06 October 2022

Legislature looking at adjustments to district division process

KSL published an article: Bill could address major concern of Orem splitting from Alpine School District that addresses one of the main concerns about splitting Orem into it's own district - Several schools in Vineyard, Lindon, and Orem have borders that include areas in each of the cities. What happens to those students?

Utah law allows any student to attend any public school they wish - regardless of whether they live in the borders of those schools or not, so the answer to this question is - yes, students can continue attending the school of their choice.

However, there still may be concerns about families who have kids attending, for example, Oak Canyon  Junior High (in Lindon) and Timpanogos High School (in Orem), or about the transition period. That's where this bill comes into play.

From the article:

[Rep. Keith] Grover's bill would make it so that if the district lines are drawn in a way that puts a student — like one from Lindon or Vineyard — in a district different than where they live, they will be able to continue attending the school that they had been attending prior to any split that may happen.

"This bill will seek to clarify that, of course, those students will be able to continue to attend the schools they've been attending," Grover said. "We do not want to have any type of disruption to their education. That should be very, very seamless."


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