06 October 2022

Utah Taxpayers Association supports Orem School District

The Utah Taxpayers Association released this statement about the proposed Orem School District:

"With the proper taxable property values in the proposed district and conservative estimates of state funding and federal funding, it is reasonable to conclude that an Orem school district would very likely have sufficient revenue to support itself without the need for a property tax increase. In fact, an independent feasibility study was conducted that came to this conclusion. By our own calculations, if higher taxes were needed, any near term increase would be very modest. If the cities of Lindon and Vineyard were added to the new district eventually as well, the tax base would be even stronger. Finally, in a smaller district that was Orem-centric, Orem taxpayers could better hold the new school board accountable for any proposed bonds or changes in tax rates."

"Orem taxpayers are justified in seeking more local control over their contribution to education, and the Utah Taxpayers Association urges Orem taxpayers to vote in favor of Proposition 2."

Several news organizations published articles on the statement:


"To come to this conclusion, the taxpayers association gathered information from a wide range of sources, including the Utah County assessor, Utah State Tax Commission, Utah State Board of Education and the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst."

"Both the DEC feasibility study and the Utah Taxpayers Association came to the same conclusion, that a school district was feasible for the city. 
"While it appears some of the information comes directly from the DEC feasibility study, Cannon said, “We did the research ourselves.”
"Cannon indicated that he met with groups both for and against Proposition 2."

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