29 May 2024

ASD Board Meeting 5/28/2024

Deja vu?

Once again, the ASD board held a meeting to discuss reconfiguration, and once again, the same board members made the same points that we have been hearing. The east side board members refuse to consider that ASD isn't meeting the needs of residents. They accuse the city councils of thwarting the process, they hold fast to the idea that the MGT survey actually was representative of the public, and they dismiss the idea that a reconfiguration could address the unfair representation. Yet, they are the only ones wanting to put Option 3 on the ballot for the whole district to vote on - just so it can fail and then they will say "see, it didn't work".

Thank goodness for Julie King's measured, but pertinent comments to refute all the statements made by Wilson, Clement, and Beeson.

There were more financial computations, but all of them are still based on the faulty idea that admin overhead costs for large school districts (over 4K students) are correlated to size, instead of board decisions. More on that in the next post.

EDIT: Julie King summarized her feelings on the meeting. Also see the Lehi Free Press article about it.

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